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You Can Do Anything

You Put Your Mind And Heart To Do!



Welcome to UKandu Coaching Services


I love nothing more than to coach

and inspire creative people to

follow their dreams and

grow sustainable businesses

doing what they love.


Your Journey Begins Here.


Positive Mindset Coaching

I specialize in working with Artists

and Highly Creative Individuals.

Life coaching helps to close the gap between where you are now and where it is you want to be.

Unlock your full potential. 

Achieve the summit of your dreams.

Coaching Creatives

Are you an artist who hasn't painted in years, a musician who's guitar is learning against the wall gathering dust, a want to be screen writer who runs his own realty company. This are small sample of the highly creative people I've coached.


I love working with artists, musicians, writers and entrepreneurs who are exploring more than how to make a living.


Do you want to make a life style worth living.  

In my many years of working with Addiction I have never seen an addict with a drug, alcohol or food problem. I have worked with hundreds of Addicts who have a solution that is no longer working.


It is said that addicts have an above average intelligence coupled with a  highly sensitive nervous system.


This is especially true of Artists. 


We are incredibly hard on ourselves.


Many artists believe they can not succeed in the arts. Rather than be a   starving artist they have spent years even decades in shadow careers to earn an income.  


I want to help you gain confidence to find your personal artistic expression while maintaining sobriety from substances and behaviors that cause you personal harm.


Join me on the path to recovery and creative empowerment.



Get your copy now!

Achieve the Summit of  Your Dreams UKandu:
The GoalModel Method of Life Coaching

In this bold and compelling book, Achieve The Summit of Your Dreams, Nanci Adair builds upon mastermind team concepts to create a new life coaching method for achievement and success.


Now you can benefit from these strategies without leaving the comfort of your home or office and for a fraction of the cost.


This book is for readers who have not given up on the realization of their dreams.

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