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I highly recommend.

In this section, you'll find resources for a relaxation, exercises to help you  develop daily spiritual routines, and YouTube videos that I particularly like. These resources have supported my own continued sobriety, and overall well-being. The first video here is one that I produced with my friend Stephanie. It shows her following my instructions for a face massage that you can do for yourself. One tip I like to share with clients is that along with water and sweating through exercise massage is also, a helpful aid in detoxification. Whether you're newly sober, wanting to detox or whether you're wanting to detox for greater health and well-being self massage is an inexpensive and always available tool.

In this video, Kelly McMonagle talks about how stress can actually work for you instead of against you. She debunks the belief that stress itself causes heart disease and other negative health concerns. Kelly talks about the value of being close to others, and contributing to your community through acts of service.

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