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Readings help direct your energies for the best possible outcome in any given situation. Readings are not about finding out what is going to happen next. I constantly say, the only constant in the universe is change. Gifted with intuition I have explored many paths of study. What excites me the most is the interrelationship between divination tools. I do believe in the simultaneity of time and co-existence of multiple realms. Take for example a book. The pages before and those to come all co-exist yet you can only read the page you are currently on. I am available by phone and by Zoom to do tarot, astrology and energy (past life) readings. I love to teach intuition development on line and have beginners courses in tarot and astrology as well as advanced courses in relationship tarot and how to read energies for others. I also love conducting Private Parties and will come to your home for an intimate gathering as a guest reader. Clients describe my readings as "right on" and "deeply rewarding."