Coaching To Achieve Your Dreams.

This photo depicts when I literally achieved the summit of my dreams.

I am with my then 22 yr. old son, Lucas on a hilohike on The St. Joseph Glacier in New Zealand.


I am the creator of the GoalModel Method of Life Coaching introducing a new paradigm in team development, using an internal team concept. GMM is cost-effective because you don't have to hire anyone or travel to meet with a team of experts. Through this process of self-discovery, you will find support to unveil the power that has always been inside of you.
The purpose of The GoalModel Method of Life Coaching and my book is to assist you to create a vision for your life by transforming your inner dialog. You will choose GoalModels to support your vision, analyze why you are attracted to these GoalModels, identify the desired personal and professional qualities each GoalModel exemplifies, emulate these qualities, and experience tangible results by taking inspired action.
Each stage of the process contains inspirational stories, achievement strategies, visioning and writing exercises, all designed to help you discover the next right step to take.
What makes my book, Achieve The Summit of Your Dreams different than other self help books on your shelf? You are the answer. This book and this method of coaching is all about you.
New scientific discoveries combined with ancient wisdom provide the foundation of the GMM exercises guiding you to be “in the presence” of your GoalModels while remaining in the convenience of your own home and on your time table. Using your imagination, you can create the perfect team, a team whose primary concern is your success. A team whose function is to listen to you, to inspire you, and to respond to your desires. A team of individuals whose ‘soul’ purpose is to help you actualize your dreams.
You can make a difference.
Anybody who is a somebody has admired somebody who has gone before them. The GoalModel Method of Life Coaching is based on this concept of Inspired Action.
Who do you admire? If you could have a conversation with anyone at all today who would you choose? Anyone at all. Would it be your next door neighbor or an admired colleague? Let's get more creative and say it doesn't even have to be a person who is alive today. This person may not be anyone you've had the privilege to converse with. Perhaps the person that comes into your mind is a celebrity or a historical figure, maybe even a fictional character.
If you need additional support I am here for you and will work with you to develop a personalized coaching package to meet your needs and budget. 


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