UKandu healthLetter: JULY 2023 ISSUE

Jul 14, 2023


Happy Baby Yoga Pose

When you're feeling stressed, strike a happy baby pose and see what happens. Sit on the floor and draw your knees close to your chest, then hold your big toes and lift your feet into the air. Allow your legs to straighten, and try to remain balanced. When we were young, we did not have the stresses of adulthood. This posture brings you back to the time when self-discovery was fun.


Trapped in an Unlocked Cage

Celebrating Independence Day has become a symbol for me of freedom from addiction for the last 42 years. The desire for freedom and independence is a universal one that applies to everyone battling addiction.


Danger Danger drinking alcohol in the sun

When combined with heat and sun exposure, alcohol can have a risky dehydrating effect. It can cause dizziness, fatigue, and headaches. Alcohol makes it harder to cool down and increases the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and enjoy a mocktail at a pool or beach party.

Quote of the Month

"Addiction is like being trapped in an unlocked cage. " Anonymous client