UKandu healthLetter: APRIL 2023 ISSUE

Apr 15, 2023


April Fools: What is your favorite prank? The one played on me was when I flew to Tampa, FL on April 1st and the pilot said, Welcome to Miami. My other favorite was a prank I played on my son, when I took out the creamy center of Oreo cookies and replaced it with toothpaste.


The April full pink moon. Light a candle, and write down what you would like to manifest with the new energy of spring. Put your wishlist inside a jar and then set it outside to soak up the moonlight. Each mornin bring your wishes back inside where you can see them daily.


The color of the heart chakra is the chartreuse green of unfurling new leaves on trees. The balancing color is the pink of the full moon. A healing, crystal known as watermelon tourmaline combines these two colors and can be worn at the level of the heart for balancing and healing.

Quote of the Month

“Hello April… new month, new beginning, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions, new results."