Artist Statement


A flying gargoyle carries a severed foot dripping blood in it’s talons and a fire breathing dragon barricades a woman held prisoner in a tree hollow.


I produced these early black and white fantasy illustrations which reflected my need to escape a difficult family life. At 16 years of age I quit High School and left home. I was not your typical drop out. I completed a GED, went to community college at night and transferred to Long Island University at age 17. There I studied Art Education with a minor in Psychology. 


I’d always wanted to be an artist but I didn’t believe I would be capable of earning a living so I pursued a masters degree in Counseling. 

Today I own a thriving business, Ukandu Coaching Services and my creative expression has never felt more vibrant. For a few years I The Portland Portrait Society and attended weekly Sunday gatherings we candidly called Art Church. For me drawing portraits was a practice in seeing. 


I am currently creating a series of Art Quilts to honor human resilience and empower those who have suffered from abuse. These art quilts combine my love for fibers arts and graphic illustration. They are saturated with color while incorporating bold appliquéd illustrations in black thread on white fabric. The first image is of a woman riding a polar bear over the frozen tundra. It is titled, Finding Her Voice.



ComfortHER Quilts : I AM A MIRACLE