I was blessed from an early age with vision and the power to manifest my dreams. Growing up, my earliest inspiration came from a children's book: Harold and the Purple Crayon. Like Harold, I could create a world of my own simply by drawing it into being. Growing up in an abusive, alcoholic, and drug addicted family, I favored fantasy over reality and chose to retreat into a world of art. At age 9, I had a repetitive dream in which I crossed over a stone footbridge to find myself in other worlds. From this dream, I discovered I could use my imagination to shape and manifest the reality of my dreams. Over the years, I have brought to life many of my hopes, including dreams of travel, education, having a child, buying a home, and building a successful business. In my GoalModel coaching method I coach you on a journey to achieve the summit of your dreams and to live into them. With credibility and vulnerability, I share my own journey. When I was told in my mid-thirties I could not have children, I did not give up on my dream of being a mother. Like Harold with his magic crayon, I created a pictorial journal entry of myself, holding a blue baby carrier, at an art opening of my illustrations. A few months after giving birth, I had a solo art show. I was wearing a blue snuggly at the opening with my healthy baby boy close to my heart. I showed my journal entry to my husband when I returned home and he was awestruck.

When I was 3 I used to carry a Chatty Cathy doll with me everywhere I went.

In this photo I am riding in the front seat of a helicopter on my way up a mountain to hike the St. Joseph’s Glacier with my adult son, Lucas.