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In my many years of working with Addiction I have never seen an addict with a drug, alcohol or food problem. I have worked with hundreds of Addicts who have a solution that is no longer working.

Addicts are known to have a higher than average intelligence and a sensitive nervous system. We tend to be creative, multi-passionate individuals who in recovery yearn to find purpose, artistic expression and connection.


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Nanci has been coaching since 2002. Nanci’s dedication to living her best life clean and sober began in 1980. In this photo she is flying by helicopter to hike on top of the Fox Glacier in New Zealand with her 22 yr. old son, Lucas.

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“Nanci combines her gifts to empower others to find the essential relationship between creativity and healing.”
— Gail Straub Executive Director The Empowerment Workshops
“As a certified mentor coach and certified master coach myself, I feel qualified to rank Nanci Adair among esteemed coaches in the world. I have found her skill but also her wisdom delightfully deep and refreshing. Her spirit is light, her heart is warm and she has a true love for her clients as well as for the world around her. This energy clearly helps to make her a great coach, and a respected coach of coaches. I have learned a lot from her.”
— Zoran Todorovic, MCC Certified Mentor Coach