Are you an artist in recovery who is not painting? Are you a realtor who wants to be a screen writer? Are you a singer, songwriter who’s guitar is leaning against the wall gathering dust?

These are real life examples of some of my coaching and counseling clients. 

Laurie, the singer, song writer whose guitar was gathering dust, produced three CD’s the first year working with me. View her testimonial here.

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The benefits of coaching are numerous. First you can call from the comfort of your home. Clients often feel protected by the phone and can relate in greater depth about the behaviors causing them concern without feeling exposed.  Phone coaching is more than deep listening. As your coach I will ask powerful questions and get right to what is most essential for you to work on. The greatest benefit to me as your coach is that I can coach clients from all over the world.

For more information on Coaching programs, private coaching with Nanci, media opportunities, or inviting Nanci to speak on your stage, at your event or to your organization, please contact her at 207-780-1681, or

"As a certified mentor coach and certified master coach myself, I feel qualified to rank Nanci Adair among esteemed coaches in the world. I have found her skill but also her wisdom delightfully deep and refreshing. Her spirit is light, her heart is warm and she has a true love for her clients as well as for the world around her. This energy clearly helps to make her a great coach, and a respected coach of coaches. I have learned a lot from her." 

Zoran Todorovic, MCC Certified Mentor Coach

Zoran Todorovic, MCC Certified Mentor Coach


The combination of high intelligence and a sensitive nervous system leaves many addicts suffering from anxiety and depression well into years of recovery. Do you want relief from stress, or just need someone who will listen? Are you afraid that you or someone you love might have a problem with addiction to drugs, alcohol or food? Have you survived the loss of a love? Have you experienced being overcome by anxiety? Nanci is different than the majority of therapists in that she believes the only time to look back is when your past is preventing you from living the quality of life you want now and in your future. A coach approach to counseling means the counseling is centered around your present wellbeing and moving into an even brighter tomorrow. 

Phone counseling is available to clients with specific needs. Nanci has been able to counsel a student whose parents were concerned about her substance use while she continued to attend college in another part of the country. Telemedicine makes it possible for Nanci to council clients whose work requires substantial travel. Nanci provides help to family members who are separated by a long distance from their loved one who is in treatment. Today's technology makes phone counseling HIPPA compliant via Skype allowing coverage by many insurance companies.

"Nanci combines her gifts to empower others to find the essential relationship between creativity and healing."

Gail Straub Executive Producer of The Empowerment Workshops

Gail Straub Executive Producer of The Empowerment Workshops

Intuitive Readings:

Readings help direct your energies for the best possible outcome in any given situation. Readings are not about finding out what is going to happen next. As Nanci reminds us...the only constant in the universe is change. Gifted with intuition Nanci has explored many paths of study. What excites Nanci the most is the interrelationship between divination tools. Nanci believes in the simultaneity of time. Take for example a book. The pages before and those to come after all co-exist yet you can only read the page you are currently on. Nanci is available by phone and over Skype as well as in-person to do tarot, astrology and energy (past life) readings. Nanci teaches intuition development on line and in person and has beginners courses in tarot and astrology and advanced courses in relationship tarot and how to read energies for others. Nanci loves conducting Private Parties and will even come to your home for an intimate gathering as a guest speaker. Clients describe Nanci's readings as "right on" and "deeply rewarding." 


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