Hey there:

How has 2017 been going for you so far?

I love hearing how women, like you, are creating their ultimate success. I’m curious, would you like to have the Universe on your side, helping you to reach your goals in 2017? 

To get you one step closer I am going to send you a Full-Moon Abundance Ritual Guide. This has been created in conjunction with my friend, colleague and woman extraordinaire, Tam Veilleux. Tam is an energy sketch artist www.energysketch.com who can capture your words in visual form. Listen to my interview with Tam on UKandu radio below

Nanci’s UKandu Interview with Tam Veilleux

Nanci Adair

Together we’ve created a monthly guide for tapping into the feminine energy of the Full and New Moons to help you attract more health, wealth and happiness in your life this year.  

The Full Moon Abundance Ritual is easy: First empty your purse, or hold your credit card, (I lift my iPhone wallet) under the rays of the full moon and ask that your wealth be multiplied.

Below is a graphic representation of this ritual. It is our free gift to you.

If you find value and want to invest in having these incredible graphics delivered to you every month in your email, join our Moon Goddess Movement around the world. Each graphic is only $1.99  For a limited time we are offering an in-depth guide for the remaining months in 2017 delivered to to your email all for one single payment of $9.97.

First step – during the new moon ask yourself the questions on this months guide.

Remember with a small but mighty $9.99 investment in yourself you can make this a monthly habit both during the full-moon and the new-moon cycles. We plan to reach women all over the world.

Single payment
for the remainder of 2017
$9.97 USD

Earthly riches come to me

In abundance so shall it be

Harming no one on its way

I accept financial security today.

During the next full moon stand under the moon’s rays and say the incantation we will send to you.

Unlike setting a New Years intention to exercise at the gym, you will actually use the moons energy to bring more abundance your way in 2017.

UKandu Blessings, Nanci and Tam